Vatican Analog and related artists
Bas Verbeek - The guy behind The Day The Black Man Died
Bram Stadhouders - ambient guitar
DMDN - all-round superdj, doomdroner and vinylsupplier
Neurobit - 8 bit superdrones
Pu:ppkakkbaggrlull - noisy guitarpitchers

Rioteer - Breakcore dj & live act and (p)resident of Crackbeats
Staplerfahrer - Expert in microsounds, drones and chemical garbage
Vincent Koreman - Tilburgs king of noise, cumbia, electro, black metal and Incubate
Wouter Jaspers - dronehippie, noisemaker and much more, also known as Franz Fjödor

More from Tilburg
013 - Venue for Upperground Sellouts & Underground Underdogs
Antenne Tilburg - Recordstore (vinyl) for electronic music
Argument - Art Gallery
Brabants Dagblad Kunst - Stay updated
Cinecitta - Arthouse cinema
Crackbeats - Breakcorenight & -label
Cul de Sac - Musiccafé and home of Art Meets
De Nwe Vorst - Small, but chique theater in Tilburg
Filmfoyer - You can actually spin your seats in this arthouse cinema
Gifgrond - Underground venue
Hall of Fame - 'Culture Factory'
Kunstpodium T - Your artists exposing in Noordstraat 105 in Tilburg
Little Devil - For all you Tilburgian metalheads and rockers
NS 16 - Place for arts
Paradox - Experimental stuff at wednesdays
Vatican Analog - Experimental sounds from Tilburg
Incubate - Independent Arts Festival

Free Quality Music
Micromusic -The biggest 8 bit community with LOTS of free mp3s
TIBprod - Too much great stuff

Relevant Media
Gonzo Magazine - Toonafgevend
Mangenerated - Including world's greatest noiseblog
Subjectivisten - Republiek der verbeelding
ZXZW Blog - Blogging the interesting stuff